BRD Simfonia

Open investment fund, with investments mainly in fixed income instruments: deposits, certificates of deposit, government bonds, revo-repo contracts, bonds and money market instruments.

It is an investment alternative with high liquidity.

It offers diversification in terms of financial performance and low risk and does not invest in shares.

The performance of the Fund may be influenced by the negative performance of one or more financial markets in which the Fund invests. In this sense, there is no form of guarantee for the investments made by investors.



Who does it suit?


You can choose this fund if your investor profile is a conservative one, with holdings of resources in RON, and you aim to obtain income through stable financial performance in the medium term, by investing in a diversified portfolio of government securities, bonds and instruments of the money market.

ISIN Fond: ROFDIN000010

Decizie autorizare ASF: 722/04.05.2001

Registru ASF: CSC06FDIR/400014/30.01.2006

GIIN: YCEN9M.00003.SF.642

LEI: 549300UE0VTPL3C7BJ94

Informațiile și datele prezentate au rolul de a permite clienților și potențialilor clienți ai BRD Asset Management S.A.I. S.A. să ia o decizie de investiții informată. Prin consultarea acestui material, sunteti de acord sa accesați și utilizați aceste date exclusiv în scop investițional.

Date of last update 20.06.2024
Net assets (mil. RON) 1.006,74
Net asset value per unit (RON) 49,6556
Launch date 15.05.2001
Degree of risk? scăzut
Currency RON
Type Fixed income
Subscription / redemption fee 0/0


Performanțele anterioare nu prevăd profiturile viitoare.
Fund unit evolution
BRD Simfonia
Brd oblig
Annualized performance
Period (years)
The graph represents the annualized net performance for the mentioned periods. The past performances of the funds do not represent a guarantee of future achievements. This graph is an informative note and does not intend in any way to recommend or advise on a particular investment strategy, the decision being wholly owned by the investor.

Monthly Newsletter - 31.05.2024

Portfolio structure
Monetary market 2%
Governmental bonds 67.55%
Corporate bonds 27.42%
Fund units 3.06%
Last year 7.16%
Last 3 years 7.58%
Last 5 years 18.29%
From the beginning 397.13%
Fund information
No. of investors 76652
MD? 4,12%
Average yield of portfolio instruments? 6,39%

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