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There are several ways you can invest. Whether you choose to invest in a company, purchasing shares or bonds issued by it, or you prefer an easier option to become an investor through Investment Funds, solutions and products are numerous to cover a demand as varied as possible.

What funds should I invest in?

Of course, choosing the right fund or funds takes into account many factors, including the time horizon, appetite for risk and yield, the need for liquidity and various personal preferences. Below we present you some ideas that you can follow.

If you have set a goal and a time horizon for which you want to invest, you can try one of the funds with a predetermined time horizon. They have an investment strategy adaptable according to the time remaining until a predetermined date when you plan to use the accumulated money. When the time horizon is removed, investments are mostly made in shares to generate long-term value, and as the time horizon decreases, investments move towards conservative investments such as bonds or bank deposits.

You can also make a mix of funds, or choose a fund for each objective. The offer is designed to help you in their planning and realization. 

See here the full offer of investment funds!

How do I do that in a simple way?

For long-term saving and investing, the easiest and most efficient thing is to automate the process. Thus, we created PlanInvest – a service through which you invest monthly in an investment fund, automatically directly from your bank account opened with BRD, the amount of money chosen by you. You no longer have to come to the bank or make payments from the internet banking application. The money will be invested from your account month by month.

You can set up a PlanInvest investment plan in any BRD agency.

DIRECT INVESTMENTS by filling in a subscription form with any BRD agency.
BANK TRANSFER to the fund's account if you are already an investor.

Full details about the investment can be found here.


Fonduri de investiție

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Before investing, however, it is important to make a plan to guide our decisions.


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