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See how diversification works for the investment funds managed
by BRD Asset Management SAI, choosing the amount, currency, period and degree of risk!

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In the calculation of the risk degree, the Synthetic Risk and Yield indicator, as defined in ASF Instruction no. 5/2012. This measures the level of risk to which the investor is exposed and is not a measure of the risk of losing the invested amount but a measure of the increases and decreases in value recorded. The calculation presented is strictly exemplary on the basis of the statistical values ​​of the evolution of the unit value of the net asset (VUAN) for a period similar to that chosen by you.


Past performance of the fund is not a guarantee of future results.

Investments in fund units are not risk-free. The value of the fund units may vary, plus or minus, compared to the acquisition price, depending on the evolution of the assets in which the investment fund makes investments.

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Why invest
You have the opportunity to get higher returns than other traditional saving products.