BRD Global Class E

Open-end investment fund with investments mainly in global equity markets, in particular by investing in exposure to tradable ETF-type UCITS that are exposed to the United States, Europe, Japan, as well as in other markets. Strategic (long-term) allocation of the Fund in terms of asset classes: 75% of shares or equity securities issued by funds that invest mainly in shares and 25% of other assets such as deposits, fixed income instruments, as well as other financial instruments permitted by applicable law.

The fund will maintain a high degree of liquidity, taking into account the risk involved in investing in shares and the liquidity of the assets in the portfolio.




Decizie autorizare ASF: 453/30.03.2010

Registru ASF: CSC06FDIR/400065/30.03.2010

GIIN: YCEN9M.00007.SF.642

LEI: 5493004713YDSTEKZF64

Date of last update 13.01.2022
Net assets (mil. EURO) 10.40
Net asset value per unit (EURO) 31.1473
No. of investors 353
Degree of risk ? medium-high
Currency EURO
Type equity
Subscription / redemption fee 0/0


Fund unit evolution
BRD Global Class E
Brd oblig
Annualized performance
Period (years)
The graph represents the annualized net performance for the mentioned periods. The past performances of the funds do not represent a guarantee of future achievements. This graph is an informative note and does not intend in any way to recommend or advise on a particular investment strategy, the decision being wholly owned by the investor.

Monthly Newsletter - 31.12.2021

Portfolio structure
Monetary market 11.89%
Tbills 4.94%
Governmental bonds 6.63%
Corporate bonds 2.18%
Fund units Detalii 74.47%
Last year 17.86%
Last 3 years -
Last 5 years -
From the beginning 25.35%
Fund information
VaR ? 15.81
Average yield of portfolio instruments? N/A
Geographical exposure of investments in the Fund's portfolio?
USA 41.08%
Eurozone 9.67%
Asia (excluding Japan) 8.08%
Europe, countries outside Eurozone 5.49%
Japan 4.6%
UK 3.41%
Canada 1.53%
Latin America 0.5%
Country of issuer of the financial instrument?
France 0.55%
Romania 3.3%
Ireland 28.66%
Luxembourg 41.86%
The financial instruments from FDI BRD Global portfolio are purchased in accordance with the provisions of the issue prospectus, from regulated markets / admitted to the official quota of some stock exchanges from the European Union, the European Economic Area or from a third state authorized by A.S.F.



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